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V. Credits - Arranger, Composer, Orchestrator

Arrangements & Orchestrations for the following Artists and Organizations

Steve Allen
Laurendo Almeda
Frankie Avalon
Angeline Butler
Canadian Broadcasting System
Jack Carter
George Chakaris
Robert Clary
Rosemary Clooney
Vic Damone
Jose Ferrer
Sergio Franke
Hal Frazier
John Gary
Frank GorshamRobert Goulet
Helen Grayco
Buddy Greco
Dick Haymes
Florence Henderson
Paul Horn
Jackson 5
Fran Jeffries
Dean Jones
King Cousins
King Sisters
Stan Kenton Neophonic
Marilyn King
Eartha Kitt
Sue Ann LangdonShari Lewis
Donna Loren
Barbara Luna
Roberta Lynn
Johnny Mathis
Doug McClure
Rod McKuen
New American Orchestra
Anthony Newley
Marni Nixon
Helen O'Connell
Jane Powell
Juliet Prouse
Osmond Bros.
Alvino Rey
Buddy Rich
Mavis Rivers

Shorty Rogers
Jimmy Rogers
Dorothy Shay
Roberta Serwood
Liz Story
Connie Stevens
Joanie Summers
Caterina Valenti
Shani Wallace
Jimmy Webb
Nancy Wilson
Timmy Yuro
VI. Credits - Author & Publisher

Author of the following Music Education Materials

Practical Sight-reading for Beginners (Alfred Music)
Arranging Concepts (Alfred Music)
Fundamentals of Modern Harmony, Parts 1 & 2

(Alfred Music)
Modern Harmonic Relationships, Parts 1&2
Chromatic Tonal Harmony, Parts 1&2
Harmonic Styles - the Blues, Modal and Symmetric
Jazz Harmonization & Reharmonization, Parts 1&2
Applied Modal Improvisation (Alfred Music)
Jazz Open Voicings (Alfred Music)
Keyboard Shapes, Vol. 1, 2 ,3, & 4
Keyboard Settings, Parts 1 & 2
Dick Grove Fake Books, Vol. 1, 2, & 3
Secrets of Great Improvisation
The Art of Pro Arranging
The Organization of the Arranging Process
Chord Substitution
Rhythmic Theory
Block Voicing Technique Applied to the Keyboard
How to Create Introductions & Endings
Thematic Improvisation
Beginning Keyboard Sight-reading & Technique
Encyclopedia of Modern Harmony Applied to Improvisation, Parts 1, 2, & 3 (Alfred Music)
Brass Writing, Parts 1, 2, & 3
"See It - Hear It / Hear It - Play It " Musicianship Video Course, parts 1 & 2
"Jazz Keyboard  1 & 2"  Video Course
VII. Performer,  Conductor, Musical Director, Producer

Free Lance Pianist - 1950 - 60
Free Lance arranger , composer, orchestrator - 1960 - 1974
Musical Director:  Channel 5 TV Variety shows 1960 - 63
Musical Director: Mavis Rivers 1965 - 70
Musical Director: John Gary 1968 - 71
Dick Grove Big Band: Leader, writer, conductor - 1960 - 1972
Producer: Liz Story, "My Foolish Heart" Windham Hill Records

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