Dana Rasch and Dirk Price are proud to announce the new series One Shot Pro Videos which have the latest in cutting edge, instructional video lessons and courses for the modern guitarist.

All One Shots are completely downloadable and start at only $19.95. We're now including (in certain lessons) a fantastic new technology from SoundSlice.com - examples which include video, audio, notation and TAB simultaneously, as well as the ability to change the tempo with NO pitch variation.

Besides our new courses available now, we are also currently producing 2 new programs: Legato Express and Alternate Picking Express, as well as a new series, Signs of IMPROV-ment.

All of Dana's current programs are also being added for download and will be available in increments throughout the year.

We appreciate your business and would ask that if you know someone who knows someone that plays the guitar, please let them know about One Shot Pro Videos. Thank you!

Browse videos below, or click here to see all available One Shot Pro Videos.

Trading 4's

Unlike any other stringed instrument, guitar has the responsibility of being chordal and linear. Trading 4's has found a fantastic was to develop all aspects of your playing simultaneously and always has you practicing as though you were in a "LIVE" musical situation.

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Time Works

Just like learning a language, complete immersion is the way to overcoming any challenges you may have with the 12 different key signatures. Time Works provides one idea after another to help become a stronger player and find your comfort zone in any key.

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The secret within the secret to great improvisation, U-Turns offers up 2 huge paradigms that help students overcome inherent challenges on the guitar.

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Trading Fours for Guitar


Trading Fours is a unique Video / CD / Book - Package that is designed for guitarists of all levels, presenting an easy to apply approach to what all guitarists do - practice.

This course helps you develop all aspects of your playing at the same time, including:

  • Improvisation
  • Single Line Technique
  • Comping
  • Chord Melody
  • Phrasing

and more!

Includes DVD, CD, and Textbook


Buy 2 or more of the One Shot Video Series and save!

One Shot Video Series - any 2


Buy any 2 of the One Shot Video Series for a discounted price!

Choose from:

The Keys to Pro Arranging Live or Midi

The Secrets to Great Improvisation

Trading Fours for Guitar


One Shot Video Series - all 3


Buy all 3 of the One Shot Video Series for a discounted price!