One Shot Video Series

One Shot Arranging

The Keys to Pro Arranging Live or Midi

Finally, you can get your act together when you do that next demo or chart! Get a lesson from the most experienced writing teacher on the planet! Founder of the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles and author of over 100 books,  Dick Grove explains and shows you how to make the right decisions on putting an arrangement together.

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One Shot Improvisation

The Secrets to Great Improvisation

You'll get more than you can imagine from this DVD / Book / CD Package. Dick explains and demonstrates some very important aspects of professional sounding improvisational approaches including:

  • Playing Over Chord Changes
  • Playing Through Chord Changes
  • Melodic Contour
  • Melodic Phrasing in Context to Form
  • Accents

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One Shot Trading Fours

Trading Fours for Guitar

Trading Fours is a unique Video / CD / Book - Package that is designed for guitarists of all levels, presenting an easy to apply approach to what all guitarists do - practice.

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