Beyond Chops Guitar Course

Beyond Chops

Gives you a comprehensive approach to every aspect of guitar playing: improvisation, comping, chord melody, technique, and ear training.

  • Cut through all of the barriers to creativity on the Guitar
  • Get incredible results out of your practice time
  • Eliminate the "burn-on-your-favorite-lick, stumble-on-every-new-idea" syndrome
  • Learn how to make your playing unique regardless of what style you are into
  • Develop a "burning" technique in months instead of years
  • Demonstrate a new confidence by eliminating the holes in your Musicianship


How The System Works

First: We have the systematic approach to developing each of the essential elements of guitar technique (i.e.: scales, 3, 4, and 5 to 7 part harmony,  right and left hand approaches, etc.) providing a complete 'vision of the neck' with none of the 'hazy' areas that almost all guitarists experience in certain keys or positions. This approach also makes sure that we are confronted with technically difficult ideas to execute in every practice session,  therefore allowing us to become increasingly fluid with continuing any phrase to it's musical conclusion. This eliminates the 'burn on your favorite lick and stumble on every new idea syndrome'. Finally, after working through this system, you will find that each new concept or lick you learn can become completely integrated into your playing immediately - by applying the systematic approach to developing the new idea in all its possible applications.

Second: The Grove harmony is the academic side of the systematic idea. Grove harmony is the most clearly and completely organized approach to understanding harmony from an ear standpoint in existence. This means that every possible harmonic situation has been labeled and explained in the context of how your 'ear' relates to it.  As you learn the harmony, you learn to hear and identify, or put a handle on what you are hearing.

Third: We have brought the essential process of 'visualizing' the neck down to it's lowest common denominator, this means that  have used the 'simplest possible framework' as the foundation or reference to understand every aspect of improvisation, no matter how advanced.

Beyond Chops


Pay as you go individual lessons.


Beyond Chops


All 3 lessons in 1 payment for a 10% discount.

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