See It - Hear It / Hear It - Play It

Here is an approach to improving your musicianship that will make you a better musician. The course includes Modern Harmony, Sight-singing, Dictation, Notation, and Keyboard Harmony.

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Jazz Keyboard

Finally there is a proven, step-by-step approach to playing keyboards that develops the ability to play music spontaneously, and play what you hear!

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Beyond Chops

A comprehensive approach to every aspect of guitar playing including improvisation, comping, chord melody, technique, and ear training. Make the most of your practice time and develop your unique voice in months instead of years.

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Composing and Arranging

If you have always wanted to have the skills to arrange and orchestrate for groups, bands and orchestras, this is the program for you. Learn to orchestrate for all instruments (strings, brass, saxes, woodwinds, percussion, rhythm sections).

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