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Treble Clef

Based on the world-famous Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, we offer serious college-level courses to you presented in a step-by-step manner and packaged with instructional videos, textbooks, workbooks and answer books as well as CDs. All of the courses shown in our Educational Tree flow from one course to the next in a straight line, providing you with an education that saves you time, gets better results and moves you farther down the road to reaching your potential as a creative musician and artist.

Our courses make you a solid musician, strengthening all areas of music that are needed to become a spontaneous performer or writer. The See It - Heart It / Hear It - Play It musicianship courses develop your ear into an educated ear that can hear what it sees, and can see and write down in proper musical notation what it hears. The course is the foundation for improvisation, learning styles, composition, arranging, orchestration, voicing chords and understanding how contemporary music really works.

Our applied programs in Jazz Keyboard, Guitar Technique & Improvisation as well as Composing & Arranging build from the musicianship foundation and show you how to create product.