How It All Works


When you enroll in a course or two from the School Without Walls, you study at your own pace. There are no deadlines or specific time frame to adhere to. You work as your schedule allows. If you are too busy for a period of time you simply come back to the lessons when you can. If you can average even as little as four hours a week, you can make good, steady progress. What is important is how well you grasp the material and absorb it, not how fast you go.

For as long as you are working on a course, you receive our support line help. We answer your questions, help you through tough assignments and make sure you are really understanding the lessons the way we think you should.

Our phone support is available from 9:00am - 5:00pm PST, five days a week! Support through e-mail is available anytime. It is important that you understand and know that you have the attention and positive backing of master teachers who have a vested interest in your progress. We can motivate you when you need it, encourage you when you require support, and generally give you the efficient kind of one-on-one relationship that makes this study-at-home approach unique in music education.

Our courses work like this

With all courses except Composing and Arranging, you receive a Satisfactory Progress Report for each lesson or chapter. This is not a test, but a report on how much time you spent on each aspect of the work. When we receive a Progress Report for each lesson of a course, we then issue you a  Certificate of Completion to acknowledge your successful completion of the course.  A certificate is given for each course and for each Quarter of the Composing and Arranging program. In this extensive course, all homework and each project is personally critiqued. Students either fax, mail, or e-mail batches of homework to us and then receive either an e-mail, or phone critique of their work.

Happy Music Student

The advantages of our comprehensive courses is that you end up with a video library of the lessons, so you have every word and example at your fingertips for review and refreshing your memory. You have an ideal learning environment for making the progress you wish.

CDs are portable for car or office to take advantage of those "down times."

With the Jazz Keyboard and Beyond Chops Guitar courses you practice with CD play-along tracks. The Keyboard course contains literally hundreds of practice tracks. You get the experience of and motivation from playing with a rhythm section which is so important to developing a consistent rhythmic feel.