About the School Without Walls

The School That Comes To You!

Sheet Music

This is an avocational learning institution conceived by Grove/Rasch Music Education Systems, whose cornerstone is to bring the highest quality of musical subject matter to every student who wants to know! The SWW addresses the frustrations of every person who has an emotional need to pursue their musical potential and finds it very difficult to get the information and direction needed by the conventional methods of music store books and videos, music schools, articles in music magazines or private teachers. We are the perfect alternative to attending a professional music school. With this approach, you do not move to another city, or go into Financial Aid debt. You keep all of your commitments going and do our courses at your own pace.

It is an educational experience in which the presentation of the material is enhanced and supported via video, audio CDs and books, more completely than any approach offered anywhere! The considerations of time and money are eased by allowing the student to move at his or her own pace. The cost fits everyone's budget - $70.00 to $285.00 a month! Phone and/or e-mail support is an important part of the program.

The School Without Walls is an educational tree of learning in which the terminology is consistent throughout all of the courses and one in which you have the ability to move from one course to the next, in a solid, organized manner to attain your musical goals.

It is based on teaching concepts that are proven, and that makes a difference immediately. You really feel like you are changing and teaching yourself the missing pieces that have prevented you from reaching your potential. All of this is done with an approach that trains you to hear what you are playing or writing, and knowing what you are hearing in your head.

Guitar Player

Another important aspect is that once you start with the School Without Walls, you have made a plan for yourself, in which you are really doing something about improving you skills and musicianship. It is a step-by-step approach that allows you to teach yourself to be a better musician, and then apply that musicianship to what YOU want to to!

The School offers multi-levels of this unique instruction in the areas of:

Guitar Technique and Improvisation

Musicianship (Modern Harmony & Ear-training)

Jazz Keyboard

Composing, Arranging, and Orchestration